How To Upgrade RAM with a 27" iMac A1419

As well as being an extremely versatile, powerful, all-in-one computer, the 27" iMac A1419 comes with the option of easily upgrading it's 8GB to 16GB, or even 32GB of RAM. It requires very little technical knowledge, minimal use of tools, and we will tell you how to do so in a few, easy to follow steps:

1. After unplugging your iMac from it's power supply, lie it down flat on it's screen. We recommend placing a cloth or foam underneath the screen, to avoid scratching or cracking the screen!

2. Have a look at where the power supply socket on your iMac is. You should be able to spot a small button, right above the three pin power input. Using a small screwdriver press on this button firmly. This will open the small RAM compartment.

3. Once is open, locate two grey pins/holders on either sides of the RAM compartment. Gently push them OUTWARDS, to release the RAM blocks.

4. Your iMac is equipped with two 4GB blocks. To remove them, pull them out of their holders. They should come out quite easily. You can now insert your new RAM blocks: for example: two 8 GB blocks (for a total of 16GB) or four 8GB (total of 32GB). Theoretically you can mix and match the numbers as you wish. Push them in, until you feel a light click.

5. Push the whole RAM compartment back inside, and replace the cover. Done!

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