Review of MacBook White A1342

Having a long-time experience as a computer service and as users of Apple products, we would like to share our opinion concerning MacBook A1342. We, like many others, appreciate the quality of Apple products, however, we are also able to take a critical view of certain aspects. The successor of model A1181, MacBook White A1342 was being produced from 2009 to 2010. In comparison with the antecedent, A1342 was equipped with faster memory- DDR3 as well as graphics card that is more efficient. There is no point in comparing it to the latest Apple model, however it is important to mention that what we can purchase at the same price is HP or Dell laptop with the second generation processor i3 or i5. Nonetheless, one should remember that A1342 works under iOS and as a result it has the same possibilities as laptops equipped with the second generation processor i5, working under Windows.


One of the advantages of A1342 is its unique design that make it distinct from other Apple products, and especially from laptops produced by competing companies. That unique design represents to some extend the quality of the company and it is associated with luxury good and also with reliability. MacBook A1342 has built-in battery (working about 3-4 hours), that is why the lower case has a homogeneous structure, without any flaps. Moreover, it is made of matte, rough material so that it is not slipping at any surface.

The quality-to-price ratio is also a great advantage as it is the cheapest laptop from all Apple products that work under latest iOS. As a computer service, we paid particular attention to the fact that it is easy to upgrade and it does not involve high costs. Upgrading the memory to 8 GB costs about 40 Pounds. In practice, A1342 can be upgraded to 16 GB, however it is uneconomic as DDR in 8GB modules are rare and as a result very expensive. We strongly recommend you to exchange typical HDD with SSD. Currently, SSD 128 GB can be purchased at 35 Pounds which is not a prohibitive price. Once you have SSD installed, the MacBook is ``younger`` and its possibilities can even exceed possibilities of MacBook Air, obviously not taking into consideration latest A1369 model from 2010 as it costs twice as much!

The general costs of service and repair of A1342 are relatively low while comparing to other Apple products and even to PC. For instance, exchanging the screen costs about 50 Pounds. The worst thing that can happen to A1342 user is to damage the keyboard e.g by spilling some liquid on a keyboard. The keyboard in A1342 is called membrane keyboard and it is made of several layers of polyester or polycarbonate with a circuit that conducts the electric current. That circuit is very sensitive to moisture and even the smallest of spills can damage it. Additionally, the keyboard is permanently fixed to the bottom case. In order to avoid that damage, it is worth to cover the keyboard with special waterproof silicone rubber.

As far as disadvantages are concerned, it should be mentioned that the upper case often cracks hinged. Until 2014, there was a programme under which the upper and lower case could have been exchanged by Apple however, currently the users have to exchange it at their own expense. Luckily, it is not expensive as the new case can be purchased at 30 Pounds and it is not complicated to exchange it. Basically, it can be done at home and specialized equipment is not necessary. 

For whom then, Apple MacBook A1342 is the best choice?

MacBook A1342 is designed mainly to tasks such as surfing the Internet, sending e-mails, watching videos, learning etc. As a result it is perfect for school or work. All in all, MacBook A1342 has more advantages than disadvantages. It earned recognition among people who start their adventure with Apple products and learn how to use its operating system (OS) as well as among parents who purchase A1342 for their children as the first laptop.

To sum up, if we have A1342 with SSD and upgraded memory to 8GB, it works perfectly and can be used for many years to come. Moreover, it is good to use protective case in order to protect the laptop against damages such as cracks or scratches which are common due to plastic cases. Finally, as it was mentioned, it is also worth to have special waterproof silicone rubber that protect the keyboard.



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