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Which Apple MacBook to Choose?

Before purchasing a new computer, lets analyze all models and consider what it will be used for, what are your needs, and what is your priority. This allows you to avoid mistakes due to selecting the appropriate model.

Below, we would like to introduce the principal advantages and disadvantages, and brief characteristics of each model available in our store.

MacBook White


  • For houseworks and office - ideal if you do not put a high priority on mobility and you do not want spend much money.
  • The battery works about 3-4 hours



  • Good value for money
  • Easy to upgrade (replacement disk, adding RAM, etc.)



  • Plactic case vulnerable to scratches


MacBook Air

  • For houseworks and office
  • 11 'or 13' inches display - ideal if you travel a lot. If your priority is mobility, choose a smaller matrix for your own convenience
  • lack of external DVD player
  • SSD drive



  • mobile; small size, ultra-thin and very light!
  • robust aluminum case
  • long battery life (an average of about 6 h)
  • amazing design
  • advanced trackpad
  • backlit keyboard



  • limited opportunities to upgrade
  • lack of external DVD player
  • lack of a wired network input


MacBook Pro

  • 13 ', 15' or 17 'inches display
  • better processor, comparing to other Apple computers
  • Pro 13' is the best combination for people who want to have both, mobile and high-performance computer



  • robust aluminum case



  • low resolution of 13-inch matrix


MacBook Pro Retina

  • matrix retina 13 'or 15' inches
  • retina is especially recommended for graphic designers, film editors and photographers - to all tasks at which the highest quality of matrix is essential

  • retina display provides amazing quality of picture (4x more pixels)



  • High resolution matrix
  • robust aluminum housing
  • two USB 3.0 ports



  • limited possibility of upgrading
  • High price
  • the high cost of parts


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