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How to proceed MacOutlet Affiliate Programme?

MacOutlet Affiliate Programme


  • Recommend our products at the forums as well as services of Macoutlet store using your personalised links.
    • do not spam by placing the links everywhere without consideration, such content will be delated by admins and NOT well perceived by the customers.
    • place the links when the customers ask for them or ask for recommendation
    Please bear in mind maintaining the standards of message boards:

2) Blog

  • Create your own blog connected with computers, laptops, Apple products or electronics. Write articles which attract a wide audience. Place the adverts below your texts and earn money on blogging!

Please remember that:

    • Google positions higher those blogs and websites that contain authorial, unique content. That is why, in order to increase the visibility of your blog, create it on your own. Do not copy the content from other websites.

3) Social media

  • Connect your blog with social media and involve your recipients. Invite them to interaction. Connecting your blog with Facebook fanpage, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumbrl will considerably increase the visibility of your blog.
  • Share directly in your social media advertising link

Please remember about:

    • sharing the content on a regular basis
    • encouraging the recipients to share, comment and like the content

4) Mailing list

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