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How to replace the battery on a Macbook Air? (A1466 - 2013/2014)

Ever feel that the battery on your Macbook Air just isn't what it used to be? 

Tired of constantly wondering where the charger is?

Perhaps it is time to replace the battery?

Don't worry, it doesn't take an Apple Genius to do this!

Simply follow these easy steps, and you should be done in a few minutes:

1. Flip your Macbook Air over.

2. Remove the screws of the back cover, and take the cover off.

3. Disconnect the power supply.

4. Remove the screws holding the battery in place.

5. Take the old battery out, and insert a new one. Screw it back in place.


7. Check that everything is in place, and replace the back cover. DONE!

The Macbook Air used in this video is an A1466 model, from mid 2013, but the procedure will not differ much on other models!

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Hope this helps!




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