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Refurbished Apple Macbook Air

Are you looking for refurbished Macbook Air? You are in right place! We guarantee the highest quality Apple items like Macbook Air. Every computer is refurbished with means is 100% checked and it comes with 6 months door to door warranty.

Apple Macbook Air is the best computer if you put high priority on good quality, mobility and design.

Apple MacBook Air A1369

  • For houseworks and office
  • 13' inches display - ideal if you travel a lot. If your priority is mobility, choose a smaller matrix for your own convenience
  • lack of external DVD player
  • SSD drive


  • mobile; small size, ultra-thin and very light!
  • robust aluminum case
  • long battery life (an average of about 6 h)
  • amazing design
  • advanced trackpad
  • backlit keyboard


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